Choosing the Right Domain Name

Choosing the right domain name for your automotive selling needs is the modern-day equivalent to the 1-800 number, your business name, and your physical street address, all rolled into one. Choosing the right domain name is arguably the most important decision one can make when moving your business to the online world.

Luckily, registering a domain name is not an expensive thing to do. Unluckily, however, there are over 100 million registered domain names, making it difficult sometimes to select the right domain name for you. Once you have your perfect domain name, make sure it fits on a business card and is easy to remember when seen in print or mentioned over the phone.

If you have already registered a domain name from another company (e.g., 1&1 or Go Daddy) and wish to use it on the AutoProMetrix system, please read our guide to setting up and pointing your domain to your website.

The first thing one needs to understand about the domain name is to Keep It Stupid Simple. As the population flocks to the internet for more and more information on vehicle buying, information gathering, and peer reviews, it’s important to choose a name that will be easily remembered. At AutoProMetrix, we’ve tried to keep every included URL (domain name) very easy. By doing this, it allows your customers to find you with our domain name. A lot of thought and time went into that URL to ensure your customers will remember your domain name, while helping to create a professional online persona for you.

Naming your website after your domain name seems obvious to some; however, just to ensure everyone is on the same page, we need to repeat it again: Name your site after its domain name. Think about it… is our domain name. It wouldn’t make sense to call our website Dealer Sites, because no doubt someone has the URL Every single would-be customer would be lost to someone who may be a competitor. In the very competitive world of online marketing and advertising, you need to be sure that when someone thinks of you, they find – you!

Here are some quick points to keep in mind:

How do I choose a good domain name?

Keep it short. Find a URL that is descriptive, relevant, and easy to remember. One word is great, two words is okay, and even three words can work. I always suggest using your name. This is by far the easiest way for people to find you when searching online. For example, I’ll give my customers a business card with my name on it. Then when I tell them to check out “my,” they usually remember it.

The domain I am looking for isn’t available.

This will almost certainly be the case for some of you. If this happens, try some variations on the domain you want. Be aware, however, that domains using the word to can be tricky, because there are other ways to spell it (e.g., 2, too, two). Similarly, using numbers can also be misleading, as your potential customer won’t know if the name is spelled 7 or seven. Another concern is that using numbers can make you sound very unprofessional. If you want some personal advice, stay away from the numbers in everything web unless you are still in high school and your target group is young people.

What domain extension should I use?

When choosing a domain, look for top-level domains. Basically, these are the most common domain names in business on the internet. If you are in another country (outside the US), it’s certainly acceptable and even encouraged to use localized domain extensions (e.g., in Canada, use .ca; in Germany, .de). There is one exception to this rule. You can use the .me extension for your automotive purposes. The .me extensions are readily available and are designed for personal websites, which is basically what you are promoting with an online automotive sales website.

I’ve got my domain name…now what?

Don’t forget to include your domain name in your site’s title/logo area. And put your domain name on all company promotional materials, such as business cards and stationery.

I would also suggest choosing a website URL soon after you’ve built your automotive website. Remember that if you start telling your customers, friends, family, and prospects to check out your [name] URL only to then change it within a few months, you could suffer from lost visitors as a result of your domain changes. The same is true of choosing a domain, then changing it a year later when it’s time to renew.

If you need help setting up a domain name, please visit the FAQ section of your website admin for a step-by-step tutorial on setting up your domain.

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Paul Chesher is the CMO and Co-Founder of AutoProMetrix and He has extensive experience as an Internet Marketer, Speaker, Trainer and VP Online Marketing for Community Yellow Pages. Paul works with dealerships of all sizes and sales professionals of all levels to build web strategies designed to increase sales.


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