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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, has proven itself to be an indispensible part of your arsenal in the world of internet marketing. If used properly, SEO will increase the traffic to your website, and thus increasing the number of vehicles you sell each and every month. Proper SEO techniques help search engines index your website with ease. There are quite a few misconceptions when it comes to online marketing. However, dealerships and sales pros the world over, are reaping the rewards of greatly increased traffic (and sales) by taking advantage of a smart SEO campaign . Today we are going to discuss a few aspects of Search Engine Optimization that every sales professional, and dealership should keep in mind when promoting themselves on the net!
If you are not aware of your manufacturers online presence (Website, Facebook page, Twitter, etc), take a couple of minutes and check it out.  Your manufacturer has (in most cases now) seen the light.  Online marketing and promotion, is important, and I would argue indispensible.  Without a well thought out and engaging web experience, your manufacturers brand will have a very, very tough time in today’s reality of connectivity.  Equally important is the ability to get traffic to your site.  This is where SEO comes in.

  • Yes, SEO is necessary in automotive sales.

Do you keep up with the brands, makes and models of your competition? If so, you may not be surprised to find that in practically every market, automotive companies have already implemented a full-scale internet marketing plan that includes SEO. Not only will SEO help you stay top-of-mind within your local community, but it will also enable you to expose your automotive expertise to a previously inaccessible online audience.
If, by chance, you find that your competition (especially in a local market) has not taken advantage of online marketing, now is the time for you to utilize Search Engine Optimization. This will give you the opportunity to solidify your presence in cyberspace.

  • This is a marketing method that works 24/7, 365 days a year.

Traditionally, marketing campaigns feature an ad or article created in hopes that interested customers will take note and respond. However, SEO specifically targets customers, and potential customers that are already interested in your products or brand. SEO is not random. For this reason, specific enthusiasts and clientele can be targeted with your marketing. So while traditional marketing is still a great way to get your website noticed, SEO is a marketing asset that should not be overlooked.
No matter your time zone, SEO is a marketing technique that can reach customers when they are searching for you. The average automotive customer, does research and makes buying decisions on the net long before they visit your dealership. Implementing Search Engine Optimization is like hiring a marketing team that works 24 hours a day for your business.

  • SEO is not just for manufactures.

When it comes to internet marketing, some businesses may have the misconception that Search Engine Optimization is only used by huge corporations, or in some cases really large dealerships. In reality, SEO does not require a corporate management team. It can be easily implemented as part of a marketing campaign that is headed by you as an individual sales pro or a small dealership team. If you need help with SEO, a variety of affordable services are available to help businesses get a Search Engine Optimization marketing campaign off the ground (AutoProMetrix for example). Since Search Engine Optimization is very cost effective, sales pros and dealerships alike may be pleasantly surprised when their online marketing brings them corporate size results.

  • You can spend less money on marketing with Search Engine Optimization.

Manufacturers and even some large dealerships spend millions of dollars each year on marketing campaigns. If you don’t have several thousands of dollars to invest in marketing, then do not despair. If you implement a Search Engine Optimization Campaign, you will be able to achieve an increase in sales and productivity while significantly decreasing the cost of traditional marketing.  Most of the time, you can find free solutions to help drive lots of targeted local traffic to your showroom floor.  The open directory project (dmoz), is a great example of a free resource to list your website.
If you feel it is necessary for Search Engine Optimization specialists to handle your SEO marketing campaign, then go for it! You will get a return on your investment when you begin to note the traffic increase on your company site.  Contact AutoProMetrix today if you would like a free quote.
Search Engine Optimization is not just a casual marketing tool that is only utilized by big corporations, manufacturers and dealerships. If you truly want to increase your internet presence and make your brand known, then SEO is a valuable marketing asset that you can use to increase your website traffic, dealership traffic, and sales.

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Paul Chesher is the CMO and Co-Founder of AutoProMetrix and He has extensive experience as an Internet Marketer, Speaker, Trainer and VP Online Marketing for Community Yellow Pages. Paul works with dealerships of all sizes and sales professionals of all levels to build web strategies designed to increase sales.


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