Friday Freebie – Facebook “Like” Flyer

It is well known that Facebook has been sending “Like” signs to small businesses and dealerships for some time now. That said, perhaps you weren’t one of the lucky ones who made Zuck’s List, or maybe you don’t like the one Facebook Provided. In either case, relax; AutoProMetrix has you covered.

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Create Your Niche and Take Dead-Aim

When I started my Automotive Sales Career, I noticed that there were some people at my dealership who were successful – very successful in fact – because they had a strong community base behind them. It occurred to me that they were successful because they had something I didn’t: a niche. As a young Caucasian guy in a new city, I didn’t have any community to speak of. I wasn’t part of an ethnic group [...]

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Tuesday Tip: Shut Up and Listen!

The idea that each customer is different, and has their own unique preferences and idiosyncrasies is certainly not new in the automotive industry. Each customer will, of course, have their own likes, dislikes, must-have features, or passions when it comes to selecting their perfect vehicle. You goal as an automotive sales person/manager is to [...]

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Using Traditional Media to Market Online

It seems that anywhere you go these days, you hear about social media, online marketing, search optimization, and search marketing. All are ways to promote your automotive services on the internet. But what about traditional forms of marketing? Can they play a role in your online success?

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Why Every Sales Person Needs a Website

Automotive Websites

The way people buy vehicles has changed over time. Technology is speeding toward the future, and thanks to sites such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter, millions of potential automotive buyers are using the internet to discuss, find, research, and purchase vehicles. The question is: Are you ready to join the conversation?

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Choosing the Right Domain Name

Choosing the right domain name for your automotive selling needs is the modern-day equivalent to the 1-800 number, your business name, and your physical street address, all rolled into one. Choosing the right domain name is arguably the most important decision one can make when moving your business to the online world.

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SEO – Increase Traffic, Increase Sales!

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, has proven itself to be an indispensible part of your arsenal in the world of internet marketing. If used properly, SEO will increase the traffic to your website, and thus increasing the number of vehicles you sell each and every month. Proper SEO techniques help search engines index your website with ease.

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Google “Instant” changes the game. Again!

According to some very influential insiders in the world of SEO, Google’s release of “Google Instant” has created an entirely new paradigm in the way the search giant displays search results. Users of the new system (that means everybody) will no longer have to deal with the horrific process of pressing the search button, or hitting enter. Instead, the results will now pop up – along with corresponding search ads – as the user types their quarry. What’s next? Pre-cognition searches?

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